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    Persist dashboard gadget information


    I have a dashboard with gadgets. Some of these gadgets have a picker of things (e.g. a specific vending machine) and then show information for this thing (e.g. time series graph, gauge etc). Is there a way to have the user's pick of the thing persist for the gadgets, so that when the dashboard is opened again the same thing preselection is shown? 

    Is it possible to write a service that persists such a gadget's selection somehow and resets it when the gadgets is loaded next time? This would have to be generic for more than one type of gadget and for more than one gadget per dashboard. 

    Where would the service store this information? Is the user session the right mechanism to store this in? Does the information in here remain in the session persistently? Or rather the user extension in maybe a JSON attribute?

    EDIT: If I had a service call GetCurrentDashboardGroupItem, I could use its return as identifier argument to a service call to store and retrieve any persistent information. Does anything like this exist?

    What complicates this is that a user can have the same gadget several times in the dashboard, each showing a different thing.