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    Building sensors as things in ThingWorx from different sources.

    I have a requirement to build things where the properties are to be sourced from elsewhere. Two cases that seem to be common are Master Data Management (MDM) systems and XML schema such as SensorML. An MDM can perhaps generate a schema document (.xsd). The SensorML already has schemas published.

    First, I would like to build a template using these schemas. Then, I would like to instantiate things based on these templates in a batch manner. For example, if a site owner wanted to commission 10 exhaust fans at this location, then, the site owner should be able to start a cron job (or even a web-service) that creates the fans off the template that was created earlier. Similarly, if a few fans were to be made 'offline' due to maintenance, a similar interface (cron or web-service) should make the fans in ThingWorx go offline.

    In summary,

    • How do I instantiate things (based on templates created above) in bulk?
    • How do I mark things offline in bulk?

    Thanks in advance !