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    billrei Creator

    Accessing Log Data as a Non Administrator

    Is there any way to separate access to the ThingWorxMonitor mashup from being in the Administrator group? I would like to have developers that can see the Application log but not have to be Administrators. There are users who are using a provided managed instance to develop and are in the developers group but they cannot see their own log to debug problems.

    The ThingWorxMonitor will not permit its runtime permission to be edited.

      • Accessing Log Data as a Non Administrator
        paic Collaborator

        Not sure if you have noticed, but the Monitor screens are actual Thingworx mashups, I recommend you find the System Mashups, and duplicate them. Once they are duplicated, you can now edited the duplicates. Either to use them for your end users, or to learn about the services used, so you can build your own.