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    xavierh Newbie

    How to log off

    Hi, we are trying to implement a log off functionality, what is the best way to do this? 

    Currently we do not have a log in screen, we use the log in pop up that Thingwoxs gives so is it possible to have a unsecured page as log in screen and the log off functionality redirect to that one?

    Please let me know your comments/

      • How to log off
        grahamall Explorer


        From elsewhere on this site:

        Call <YourServerName>/Thingworx/Server/*/Services/Logout?method=post

        If you place the url in a Link within a mashup up an log out.  I can't find a service to read <YourServerName> but if there is one it would make switching from duv to test and production easier.


        • How to log off
          xavierh Newbie

          Hi thanks for your response, first is it possible to know the name of the server by a service? or it has to be hardcode it?

          And What about a log in screen? is it possible to have a Mashup to Log in the users? or what is the best way to do this?