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    Trying to run the Raspberry PI demo -- seeing errors in the PI's terminal -- using academic cloud instance -- Help please

    I have access to ThingWorx via this URL as provided to me as part of the academic program:

    I can access the composer there just fine.

    I created an App key as the Raspberry PI tutorial describes. I compiled the EMS jar and deployed it to the PI.

    The command line I use on the PI is:


    java -jar ./temperature-thing-jar-with-dependencies.jar ws://thingworx-academic-vu.ptcmscloud.com/Thingworx/WS <<myapikey>> simulated


    I am hiding the API string for privacy.


    The process on the PI starts up OK but then I see this log sequence repeated:



    19:56:33.268 DEBUG c.t.c.c.e.m.CommunicationEndpointMonitorTask - Initializing CommunicationEndpoint Connection Monitor...


    19:56:33.274 DEBUG c.t.c.c.e.m.CommunicationEndpointMonitorTask - CommunicationEndpoint Monitor - checking for disconnected endpoints


    19:56:33.277 INFO  c.t.c.c.e.m.CommunicationEndpointMonitorTask - Endpoint not connected name: EP_0, id: 0. Attempting connect...


    19:56:33.284 DEBUG c.t.c.c.e.ClientCommunicationEndpoint - Clearing endpoint authentication data id: 0


    19:56:33.286 INFO  c.t.c.c.e.ClientCommunicationEndpoint - Needed to refill connections on client endpoint id: 0 : active: 0, max: 1


    19:56:33.550 ERROR c.t.c.c.e.ClientCommunicationEndpoint - Refilling connections on endpoint 0, uri: ws://thingworx-academic-vu.ptcmscloud.com/Thingworx/WS failed : null



    19:56:33.552 INFO  c.t.c.c.e.m.CommunicationEndpointMonitorTask - Endpoint reconnection was unsuccessful name: EP_0, id: 0


    I think I have the WS URL for my cloud instance correctly included in the pom.xml file used to deploy the jar. This is the same one that I use on the command line and that URL is leading to a failed connection.


    As far as I can tell, I have followed all tutorial steps correctly. Do I need to create a remote thing first in the Composer? The tutorial does not describe this step.


    Any advice appreciated.