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    jamesso Apprentice

    Do you need EMS if you have a device that knows how to make web socket requests natively.

    I have devices from Texas Instruments (TI SmartRF06EB and CC2538) that I can load firmware to that will make websocket calls to an endpoint of my choosing. These boards have a light sensor and an accelerometer whose readings I want to send out periodically back to a ThingWorx mashup and both display current data and then retain and display a history of readings.

    These devices run the Contiki open source operating system and are programmed in a C language dialect with some preprocessor directives to do efficient threading. I can't install an EMS there but I am hoping that I don't need to. I can also make REST calls to the device and get data values back that way.

    Is there some instructional material I can refer to? I have yet to dig into the Raspberry Pi demo but that is based on the use of an EMS and I am hoping I can get by without an EMS.

    Any pointers appreciated.

    Jim Solderitsch

    Villanova University