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    Authentication issues with appKey in HTTP session, alternating


    not sure if this is a known issue or even an issue at all, but I observe the following behavior when working in a HTTP session when using an appKey only, e.g. when accessing the REST API and not logging in.

    E.g. open a Chrome incognito window. Paste in a URL with an appKey

    The first time this call returns the desired result. The second time (hit Ctrl-R or refresh), I get an error page:

    "HTTP Status 401 - No authType or appKey parameter has been specified for Authentication Scheme: AUTH_THINGWORX_APPKEY"

    Another Ctrl-R refresh brings back the normal call result and the next one again the error. It alternates.

    The same alternating errors occur from within my http client library that I use to access the REST API when I use sessions. This basically requires that I cannot use the session capability and must create a new request every single call. Also happens in a normal browser window when not doing password authentication.

    After password authentication with ThingWorks, it works fine in normal browser windows.

    Is this intended or an issue?