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    Apply Regular Expression on Infotable row


    I am facing some issue working with data in Infotable as below:

    1. I have a service that query data from a MYSQL server using SELECT DateTime statement (only return the DateTime column data).

    2. The result is returned properly with one of the column representing DateTime with format MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm

    3.  Now I want to populate through every single row of data, and use regular expression to retrieve the DD info from every row.

    Problem faced:

    It seems that the getrow(rowindex) is returning format like this: {DateTime=com.thingworx.types.primitives.StringPrimitive@16b2f63}.

    I am not sure how to parse this type of data from Infotable using the regular expression. How do I convert the StringPrimitive type to normal String type in order for me to parse the data in Infotable accordingly?

    Please kindly advise. Thanks in advance.