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    Tree population from database thing (InfoTable)



    So I have a database table that has a child and parent relationship and I would like to populate a tree. I have tried doing this and the tree comes back empty.


    LabelField - ChildName


    ValueField - ChildName


    IDField - ChildName


    ParentIDField - ParentName


    Any thoughts?


      • Tree population from database thing (InfoTable)
        mateuszboc Explorer

        You should probably populate Tree with InfoTable that is based on NetworkConnection DataShape. 

        to connectionType from

        TWxPSiteGreenhousePsary Contains

        Greenhouse-B4 Contains TWxPSiteGreenhousePsary

        SensorNode-02 Contains Greenhouse-B4

        Greenhouse-B5 Contains TWxPSiteGreenhousePsary




        One of my working trees has such priperties values: 

        LabelField - to

        TooltipField -

        ValueField - 

        IDField - to

        ParentIDField - from

        You can start with them to see if your tree is working (as far as I can see your properties are the same).

        If you are not using NetworkConnection DataShape probably you are lacking 'connectionType' in your InfoTable.