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    dwightwhe Explorer

    User extensions do not support INFOTABLE?


    I am trying to add a property of type INFOTABLE to my UserExtensions. I can make this edit in the composer by selecting INFOTABLE type and an existing DataShape.
    However, trying to edit/set this extension attribute for a User, I get an invalid table with no columns. I can add rows but they don't have any columns and cannot be edited.
    Using the REST API I can see this result of the /Properties call (see how it has an empty dataShape/fieldDefinitions):
    "attributes": {
    "dataShape": {
    "fieldDefinitions": {}
    "rows": [
    It seems the DataShape is lost for user extensions. I confirm that editing the UserExtensions shows the DataShape set correctly.
    Is this a bug or is there a different way for doing INFOTABLE user extension properties?
    Thingworx 5.0 SP2