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    Inherited Permissions and Visibility


    As context, it was anticipated that the design time and runtime instance permissions on a ThingTemplate for a User Group would be inherited by the instantiated Things that use that ThingTemplate. This does not appear to be the case.


    Test Senario (As Administrator):


    - Create a User, TestUser001


    - Create a Group, TestGroup001; 


    - Add TestUser001 to TestGroup001


    - Create an Organization, TestOrg001; 


    - Add TestGroup001 as member of TestOrg001


    - Create a ThingTemplate, TestTemplate001, based on GenericThing; 


    - Add TestOrg001 to Visibility Instance for TestTemplate001


    - Add TestGroup001 with all actions allowed to both the Design Time and Runtime Instance Permissions for TestTemplate001.


    - Create a Thing, TestThing001, based on TestTemplate001.


    - Remove User Group, Users, as a member from Organization, Everyone



    Test Scenario continued (As TestUser001):


    - Login into Composer


    - List Things - TestThing001 is visible in a listing but cannot be viewed or edited as an entity.


    The TestThing only becomes visible and  editable when the TestGroup001 are added directly to TestThing001 and the Design and Run Time permissions are set to Allow explicitly



    Any guidance on my misunderstanding of inherited permissions from a Template to its instantiated instances is greatly appreciated.


    Matthew Arrott