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    Debug statements are not getting logged in Thingworx 5.0 SP2

    Greetings, I'm using Thingworx 5.0 SP2:

    Logging Issue #1:

    Even though the Application Log monitor settings are set to DEBUG, my logging statements are not getting written to the log unless they are either warn or error messages. I a couple extensions i've imported and the debug messages in those extensions are not getting written to the application log file. If i change them to warn or error, then they do getting written to the log file. 

    How do i get the debug messages in my extensions to get written to the Application Log file.

    BTW, they use slf4j for logging. And I log using logger.debug(msg, exception); or logger.debug(msg).

    Logging Issue #2:

    I've also  noticed that only the message is logged and in the console only the first line of the message is rendered.


    Is there a way to enable logging of the stack trace as well?