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    problem accessing my properties from within javascript

    I am using the following version of Thingworx:  I have created several things  from the  Thing  Template:    RemoteThingsWithTunnelAndFileTransfer,      On each one of these things I created a couple of properties:     country and vncpassword,  I have given each one of these properties a default value and a regular value.  Inside a service defined in a thing template I am using the following code to retrieve all the properties from these things:

    var implementingThings = ThingTemplates["RemoteThingWithTunnelsAndFileTransfer"].GetImplementingThingsWithData();

    for (var x = 0; x < implementingThings.getRowCount(); x++) {

    var row = implementingThings.getRow(x);

        if (row.description != ''){

          var newRow = {};

            newRow.thingName = row.name;

            newRow.desc = row.description;

            newRow.lastTransferDate = row.lastConnection;

            if (row.isConnected){ newRow.isConnected = "/Thingworx/MediaEntities/Connectedbut";  }

            else  newRow.isConnected = "/Thingworx/MediaEntities/Disconnectedbut" ;                  

            newRow.country = row.country;


              newRow.vncpasswd = row.vncpasswd;

            } catch (err){ newRow.vncpasswd = ''; }



    The values for country and vncpasswd  are being returned as undefined for each one of the things.  Is this is a bug or am I doing something wrong?