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    Refresh widged on DataChange?

    Dear all,

    we have services fired up by subscriptions to DataChange events.

    How do we run services in the mashup based on alerts?

    In other words how do we update widgets based on DataChange?

    Best regards,


      • Refresh widged on DataChange?
        paic Collaborator

        Hi Bartosz, currently you will need to use the Auto Refresh widget to periodically refresh the mashup. Hopefully in future releases, we will have Web Socket / Push ability from the Server to the Client.


        Aside from that if you need immediate type of response to Alerts, you can have the Server notify the necessary User(s) directly through email, voice or sms.

          • Refresh widged on DataChange?
            bartoszw Explorer


            for now we use the AutoRefresh + email/sms notifications like you just wrote.

            Actually server notifications to the mashup would be very welcome as in some usecases we want immediate response in the mashups but the trafic is very low so it's ineffective to check for new data very often.