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    iMessage Notification


    Does anyone know how to have a notification sent to someones iMessage email account on an Apple device? For example, have the notification sent to my icloud account email which is linked to my iMessage settings. Looking to have the notification show up in the text message application of my device vs the mail application.

    If anyone knows how to have the notification show up in the notification center of an Apple device that would be helpful as well.

    Thank you,

    Mike Francek

      • iMessage Notification
        adam Creator

        Hi Mike,


        To my knowledge, Apple does not publish information about the iMessage protocol, so sending notifications to an email account associated with an Apple ID is likely not possible. However, the Messages app does support SMS messages, making it possible to use the Twilio extension to send notifications to an iPhone. Whether or not they appear in Notification Center depends on your preferences for Notification Center and Messages.