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    varathanran Creator

    Thingworx is not handling XML from REST Service correctly.

     When I return my XML (output of as String from Resources["ContentLoaderFunctions"].GetXML(params);),


     It sees only the top level node nothing below it.


    I used to GetText and returning that as String which shows what I expect.


    I added some debug statment and tried to get them as XML and Text. The following are the outputs.



    // result: XML
    var xmlPage = Resources["ContentLoaderFunctions"].GetXML(params);
    // result: STRING
    var txtPage = Resources["ContentLoaderFunctions"].GetText(params);



    xmlPage returns only my top node name.


    txtPage returns the entire XML as expected.


    If I parse txtPage as XML, I see undefined variable when I assign the values to datashape. In case of XML, it is not going through my for loop as there is no content inside it. The intent is read the XML file and populate datashape.


    I would appreciate your help.