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    victorgan Explorer

    Version Control


    Does Thingworx have any version control capabilities or what would be the recommended way of backing up different versions of content and restoring?


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        adam Creator

        Hi Victor,


        I don't know they we've settled on a recommended method of putting ThingWorx applications under source control, but we've introduced functionality in 5.0 to make this possible. From Composer,



        Source Control Entities

        . This functionality is similar to a standard export, however it will create directories for each entity type (e.g.




        , etc.) and a file for each entity. The files are exported to a


         and from there, you'll need to decide how you want to get them into a version control system.



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            victorgan Explorer

            Hi Adam,

            I'm using version 5.0, but I don't see the option "Source Control Entities". The options I have are the "To File" and "To ThingworxStorage". Do I need to import an extension to see this option?

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                adam Creator



                Are you using a 5.0 SP2? I've confirmed this menu item is available in 5.0 SP2. If you're unable to upgrade at the moment, you can access this functionality as Services (available from the Snippets tab under SourceControlFunctions) to programmatically export entities for source control.

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                  paic Collaborator

                  I recommend you upgrade to SP2 which has this available from the menu.

                  In the 5.x pre SP2 versions, you can find this as a Service in Resources/Source Control Functions. There are two services there, export source controlled entities and as a zip.

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                      victorgan Explorer

                      Hi Adam and Pai,

                      Thanks for your response, I must not have SP2, which is why I don't see it in the menu. I did find it under the SourceControlFunctions like you've both mentioned and it appears to be working that way.

                      Thanks again!

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                    twitters Newbie

                    Since we are now at version 7.1, is the strategy mentioned above still the recommended one, or is there another approach?

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                        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

                        Todd, 'Export to ThingworxStorage' would be your best option (with checking 'Include Data'). That would create an export under ThingworxStorage\exports\YYYY-MM-DD-TIME with your entities and data. Entities that use the persistence provider, like Streams, ValueStreams, DataTables etc. will have their own individual folder as well.

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                      naimuddin Newbie

                      we have been using TW 6 and we want maintain TW code (services code) into version control.Could you please help us.

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                        brpanchal Newbie

                        ThingWorx Applications Version Controlling with SVN can be done by using attached document.