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    laurentger Apprentice

    D3 Network Widget


    I have this widget working well to display relations between objects ( with nodes and links).

    I try to do the following:

    * As node only displays as circles, i would like to have specific icons based on a node parameter.. how to achieve that ? changing the style has no effect, wether a node is selected or not

    * Change the link color, and hava tool tip on the link based on some properties.


    Also, using Icons doesnt seems to work... despite icons are defined in styles.

    Thanks for your feedback

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        bsmith Apprentice



        Do you have a pointer to documentation and/or tutorial on how to implement networks and the "nodes and links" hierarchy you mention?


        Similar to your nodes and links, I need a classic three tier "drill down" hierarchy to display Customer --> Site --> Thing Detail.  Each level in the hierarchy is just a list of links to the next level until reach the detail screen. Or as viewed in the other direction, each level is a rollup summary of those things below.


        Customer: Lists all the sites for that customer

           Drill down to Sites: List all the things for that Site

              Drill down to Detail: List the specific thing for that site for that customer.


        I have an intuition that Networks will be the way to build this parent child relationship, just need documentation on how to get started.


        Thanks for any guidance.

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            paic Collaborator

            You would indeed use Networks for this to make it easier for yourself.

            then you can use GetNetworkConnections or GetSubNetworkConnections services that are associated with the Network.

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            alexe Apprentice

            There is this support case  which mentions a demo that might provide some extra insight on a network based UI setup, but the link to the demo xml is broken. If anyone else on here has the export from that it would be useful here I think.

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                bsmith Apprentice

                Thanks Alex.


                "If anyone else on here has the export from that it would be useful here I think." - Absolutely this appears to be right in line with what I need. 


                Notice the drill-down (or roll-up depending on which way you want to view this) for: asset --> site --> building --> area --> unit

                1. If anyone has this imported and working, please export and post.

                2. If anyone from ThingWorx is monitoring this thread, can you please engage and get access to this or similar examples at your earliest.


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                    alexe Apprentice

                    Additionally, I know one of the application tutorials in the Thwx developer zone uses either the network or tree widget, showing at least the basics. I forget which one of the four app tutorials it's in, so maybe thats not all too helpful.


                    As a general note on those, if you haven't done any of the tutorials, they do show a fair amount of content across them. More than I expected. The demo hand-holder is a bit buggy but manageable. Probably not the best spot to get information on a single topic, but if you have spare time they might expose some stuff that you might not have otherwise looked into. Its nice to get an instance of Composer to mess around with like that, not just videos.

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                  paic Collaborator

                  I think I've seen State Based formatting work for D3 Tree not sure about D3 Network.