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    hoono Explorer

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    Hello Adam,

    I met a trouble when i tried to create an alert on a property. I found the service "AddOrUpdateAlert" and wrote an example in below.

    // test example var table = attributes.alertAttributes; var params = {   alertType: "Above" /* STRING */,  alertName: "h_above" /* STRING /,    property: "humidity" / STRING /,    description: "humidity above threshold value" / STRING /,   attributes: ???? / INFOTABLE /,     priority: 1 / INTEGER /,    persistent: true / BOOLEAN /,   enabled: true / BOOLEAN */ }; me.AddOrUpdateAlert(params);

    But there is a parameter that called "attributes" and type is INFOTABLE. I want to know what is mean about this parameter. Can you give me some advice/hint about how to create/modify an alert ? Thank you so much for your always support.

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        adam Creator

        Hi Hirotaka,


        The attributes parameter is where you specify the value or values for the alert. This needs to be documented, but since you provided a code sample for the alert you want to create, I can provide the following snippet which will create an


         that will work for your particular use case.

        var alertAttributes = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].CreateInfoTable();




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            hoono Explorer

            Hi Adam,

            I used your snippet and successfully add/update an alert.
            Thank you for your help.
            Have a good day!

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              mbereket Apprentice

              Hi Adam,


              Do you know how can I do the same thing with REST API calls, imagine a web site using thingworx only with its REST calls, so in my case, I dont know what would replace the snippet you gave.


              Anyway, So, What I would like to do is to make a POST request to add an alert and I would like to send the following JSON like Hirotaka:

              {alertType: "Above",

              alertName: "h_above",

              property: "humidity",

              description: "humidity above threshold value",

              attributes: ????



              any ideas?