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    About Run Time Permission


     Recently i tested something about permission on TW ver5.


     1) i prepared a Mashup which it just contained a LED display widget and linked with a random value by a Things(service).

     2) i created a new user account and access the above Mashup, i could access it but i couldn't see the value result.

     3) then i modified the Things'(service) Run Time Permission which it invoked by the above Mashup. 

         And i use the new user account then access the Mashup again, i can see the value in the Mashup.

    It means that the new created user account has the Design Time's Read Permission only 

    and hasn't Run Time (Service Execute Permission) (by default).

    For resolve it, i have to add the Thing's Run Time permission which invoked by Mashups, 

    then i can see the result from Thing's service ?

    Thanks and have a good day.


      • About Run Time Permission
        adam Creator

        Hi Hirotaka,


        That is correct. Provided the user has visibility to the


        , he will be able to access the


        from a browser and see that it exists in Composer, but not execute any


        . In order to interact with a


        , the user needs permissions to invoke the


         used by a