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    Configure and Connecting Edge Micro Server With Thingworx

    Hi Team,


    I need help on configure andconnecting EdgeMicroServerSystem  with Thingworx.  Could you pleasehelp/guide me how to do that ?





    So far i have done followingthings but I am not able to establish a connection.





    1.We have copied the “MicroServer_Java”folder “C” drive.


    2.    Changed the“TraningCofig” as bellow,


    {    "ServerLocation": "localhost",
        "Port": 8080,
        "AppKey": "1c6d618d-61a7-4b29-a565-9c8ac01d6208",
        "Security": false,
        "RemoteRepo": "/ThingworxRemoteRepository"


    3.      We run the batchfile called “wsjavavmstart” from “Microserver_Java” directory.
    But I am getting themessage in terminal as below,

    Endpoint not connected [name: EP_0,

    id: 0]. Attempting /reconnect.

    4.We have verifiedthat “WSCommunicationsSubsytem” is successfully running.
    5.Created Thing Called“RemoteVendingMachine” and it is derived from “RemoteThing” Template.
    <!/if !supportLists>






































    But if you look at “isConnected”properties of “RemoteVendingMachine”  is false. As per the trainingdocument this value should be true.  So I am not sure what I have donewrong, if you could help me on how to resolve this issue that would be great.