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    Configure and Connecting Edge Micro Server With Thingworx

    Hi Team,


    I need help on configure andconnecting EdgeMicroServerSystem  with Thingworx.  Could you pleasehelp/guide me how to do that ?


    So far i have done followingthings but I am not able to establish a connection.


     1.We have copied the “MicroServer_Java”folder “C” drive.


    2.    Changed the“TraningCofig” as bellow,


    {    "ServerLocation": "localhost",
        "Port": 8080,
        "AppKey": "1c6d618d-61a7-4b29-a565-9c8ac01d6208",
        "Security": false,
        "RemoteRepo": "/ThingworxRemoteRepository"

    3.      We run the batchfile called “wsjavavmstart” from “Microserver_Java” directory.
    But I am getting themessage in terminal as below,

    Endpoint not connected [name: EP_0,

    id: 0]. Attempting connect.
    4.We have verifiedthat “WSCommunicationsSubsytem” is successfully running.
    5.Created Thing Called“RemoteVendingMachine” and it is derived from “RemoteThing” Template.


     But if you look at “isConnected”properties of “RemoteVendingMachine”  is false. As per the trainingdocument this value should be true.  So I am not sure what I have donewrong, if you could help me on how to resolve this issue that would be great.