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    Mouse Over effect on image


    I have a requirement to use ThingWorx to display the location of sensors on a 2D building map image, and when user mouse over to a specific sensor point, the properties value of the sensor will be displayed. It is something like Google Map, whereby when we mouse-over to the pin-marker, a box will be displayed with some data.

    Is this requirement possible to implement within ThingWorx development environment? If it is not, is there any possible way/workaround to achieve this requirements in ThingWorx?

    Thanks in advance for your advise.

      • Mouse Over effect on image
        saeedma Apprentice

        Hi Yew,


        Thingworx doesn't have the ability to have tooltip pop ups when you hover over areas of an image, but there is a possible work around. Create a static mashup and set the background image of the mashup to the image of the map. You can then place navigation widgets on top of the areas where the sensors are located. Create a mashup that has the data you need displayed and set this to the Navigation widget's Mashup input parameter. Just remove all styles from the navigation widget and all text and it will be invisible, but still clickable. Set widget to pop up in the widget configuration and when you click on the sensor location, a pop up will appear with the data you want to view.

        Thank you,


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            kdonald Explorer

            I have a similar issue. Say I have a 100m x 50m building floorplan, with 50 sensors placed at regular intervals, in a grid-like layout.


            It would take a long time to manually place all of the required navigation widgets on top of the image. How could I do this via scripting?