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    5.0 SP1 Navigation Widget Issues

    Good Afternoon,

    It appears that there are several issues with the Navigation Widget in 5.0 SP1.  When you have a navigation widget that is triggered from a mashup that has a master(a simple header master is fine) and you navigate with popup, modal popup, or fullscreen, the old master will be on top of the popup or full screened mash-up.  This makes the newly navigated mashup impossible to use.  This functionality was working fine for us in 5.0.

    Steps to reproduce:
    • Create a 2nd mashup, Test_Nav, that uses Test_Master as its master, and has a single navigation widget.  Set the widget to take you to Test_Destination with the FullScreen Target Window Type. (Popup and Modal Popup are also screwed up).
    • Run the Test_Nav mashup and click the navigation
    Expected Result:
    • Create a simple header master , Test_Master, with some different widgets 
    The window is completely replaced with Test_Nav
    Actual Result:
    A mishmash of the Test_Destination and Test_Master.