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    Question about TW 5 AlwaysOnSubsystem/XMPP configuration


    I had a question about the configuration of the AlwaysOnSubsystem on TW5. On TW4, our setup consists of one server name for the XMPP communication (thwx1.domain.com:443), and another server name for the SOCKS communication (thwx2.domain.com:443). So those are the "advertise host" & "advertise port" settings. Those two ports are forwarded by our firewall to the same (Thingworx) server, with XMPP (thwx1.domain.com:443) going to port 5222 and SOCKS (thwx2.domain.com:443) going to 1080. So our XMPP host setting is "" and port is 5222, for SOCKS it's "" and 1080. In the config.lua file on the Edge Things, the host is thwx1.domain.com and the port is 443.

    How should we configure this on TW5? There I only see an "Advertise Host & Port" setting for SOCKS5, not for XMPP. Or doesn't XMPP need an advertise host setting? And what should we put in the "SOCKS5 Subdomain field", leave it at "proxy" or set it to"thwx2"?