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    We have got a requirement to block a user from viewing a particular MashUp. We tried visibility option using Organization. But there is no option available to “Not Allow”. Please guide us

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        adam Creator

        Hi Rohit,


        I encourage you to review the documentation on Organizations in the Wiki (section "06.05 Organizations"). Once you have Organizations properly setup, a non-administrative +User +will only have visibility to Entities that you have specified.



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          plaban Explorer

          Hi Adam, Thanks for your reply.

          I have checked the wiki and the video and followed steps to create Organization.


          I have created a non-admin user and assigned in to one branch of an Organization. 

          Created a Mashup and set visibility of the Mashup at the route level of Organization.

          Branch with non-admin user has got no visibility for the Mashup.

          Then I tried to launch the Mashup using the non-admin user. 

          I was expecting that the Mashup will not be visible because the user didn't have access.

          Where as the opposite happened.


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            adam Creator



            Did you remove the Users Group from the Everyone Organization?