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    Create Thing via REST

    What is the URL format for creating a new thing based on a template via the REST API?
      • Create Thing via REST
        paic Collaborator

        Hi Derek, if you check the available Entity Services (part of Resources) you'll find CloneThing and CreateThing.


        Please read the Wiki entries because there are some important steps that must be followed.

          • Create Thing via REST
            derekada Newbie

            I have looked at that section. All I see is the following. I do not know how to call CloneThing or CreateThing via REST.

            • EntityServices - helper functions to create and delete ThingWorx Model Entities, such as Things, Users, Groups, and Networks.

              • Create Thing via REST
                paic Collaborator

                Hi Derek, for full information on the REST API please see section A in the Wiki.


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              adam Creator



              The format is as follows: