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    jasong Creator

    createCircularGeoFence resolution

    Without just manually trying a bunch of different values, I am unsure what  the "resolution" parameter should be set it. The Wiki doesn't mention anything, other than:

    resolution – the number of points to calculate for drawing the circle

    That's not so helpful to me - How can I determine this resolution number? Should it be dynamic based on the distance? Can I just hardcode a value that will work well in most situations? I would think 360 would be good, one point per degree, unless my radius is very large.


      • createCircularGeoFence resolution
        jasong Creator

        Additionally, in the snippit containsLocation(), it takes a "LocationField". Is that the column in the geoFence that contains the Location data?

        So for passing in a geofence made from createCircularGeofence, that's just "location".


        Let me know if my assumptions are correct.

        • createCircularGeoFence resolution
          adam Creator

          Hi Jason,


          You are correct about the LocationField – it is the field that contains the location data you will be using to determine whether a point is contained in the geofence. Regarding resolution, there is no magic formula for determining an appropriate value. A colleague recommended ~30 as a reasonable value, but you may want to increase/decrease this depending on your use case. Keep in mind, the higher the resolution, the more computationally expensive your Service will be.