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    rajgs Apprentice

    Regarding users adding and accessing



    How to save the users added to the user group?  In user group we are able to see list of users but not seeing save option after dragging the user to the group..


    Our understanding is, by logging in to the same server as different users, added to a user group, we will be able to track or see the changes done by other users. Please correct us if wrong.

      • Regarding users adding and accessing
        saeedma Apprentice

        Hi Raj,


        After dragging the users to the group, there is save or cancel option in the bottom right corner of the lightbox. If you can't see this, you will have to zoom out in your browser. 

        Yes, when you are logged in as a particular user, each change made by that user is tracked. This information can be seen by viewing the log in the change history of the thing, thing template, thing shape, etc, in question.

        For further questions on users and user groups, please refer to the security section of our wiki documentation on the community site.