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    ThingWorx 5 Import


    Glad to hear about the release of ThingWorx 5! I have installed it on my PC, but now I'm having an issue with the import of entities from a ThingWorx installation. When I try to import entities, I get the error:


    Unable to process import: Validation Failure: ThingTemplate InstrumentTemplate Had An Invalid Parent Thing Template :


    In the logs, I see that the error is triggered by:

    Cannot Create System Objects : Ignoring Imported Object ThingTemplate


    So it appears that 'Edge' is a System-Object ThingTemplate in 4.2, and System Objects aren't imported. But there is no ThingTemplate called 'Edge' in TW 5, is that possible? Is there a way to fix this?



    I uploaded the application log, at /ApplicationLog - Copy.log