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    Imagelink and places to store images in ThingWorx


    I have an application scenario whereby I wish to store images that I transferred from remote machines connected using ThingWorx. After the file transfer operation, I would like to store them locally in server machine hosting ThingWorx server.

    My Question as below:

    1. Is there any recommended places (if any) that Thingworx recommend to store the image files that received from machines? For example, under ThingworxStorage/Repository? considering ease of backup and maintenance in production environment?

    2. I will need an image widget to display the image stored and based on user selection on the grid item. I believe IMAGE URL/imagelink will be the way to go. But what is the proper format to be specified to retrieve the image in the local machine hosting ThingWorx (Windows Server 2008)?

    I tried all below combination with no luck:





    Please kindly advise. Thanks!