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    rajgs Apprentice

    Regarding Backup

    Hi all,

    I am new to ThingWorx and little bit confused about the project backup. I have seen some video tutorial regarding the user creation, that developers need to maintain one server for development and many users can access the common project. Could you help me regarding the backup of the project amd import the backup in the composer.




      • Regarding Backup
        adam Creator

        Hi Raj,


        It sounds like you're interested in the Import/export functionality of ThingWorx available from the


        menu in Composer. From this menu, you can export Entities (Things, ThingTemplates, etc.) as well as data (entries in a DataTable, Stream, Blog, Wiki) to .xml and .json files respectively. We recommend utilizing this functionality when upgrading to a new version of ThingWorx or migrating your application to another server. Keep in mind, if you're using any extensions, you will need to import them before importing your Entities and/or data.

        ThingWorx also offers functionality to make a backup of the data store. There is a Resource (DataManagementServices) that allows you to initiate a full or incremental backup of the data store to the ThingworxBackupStorage directory. You can access this Service from the


        menu in the Service Editor of a Thing or use the included ScheduledSystemBackup Thing.



        • Regarding Backup
          rajgs Apprentice

          Thanks Adam . It was very helpful.



          • Regarding Backup
            bartoszw Explorer



            I've set up backup schedule using ScheduledSystemBackup and it seems to be working.

            How do I restore the backup? How to check if the System backup executed correctly?



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                adam Creator

                To restore ThingWorx from a backup, you'll simply swap out the data directory in the ThingworxStorage directory with the one in the ThingworxBackupStorage.


                To verify the backup executed correctly, you can check the Application Log as this is where status information about the backup and any error messages will be logged.

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                pavanrajte Explorer

                How can we make it as a scheduled backup of data store?


                For example : I want to have a backup of my Application (ThingWorx Configuration and data store) on Friday at 12 pm every week.

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                    jasong Creator

                    Make a new Thing using the Scheduler ThingTemplate. Set the schedule to run on Friday at 12pm.


                    Then, on that same thing, or another, whatever makse sense in your design, make a new subscription to that thing. The subscription code should be


                    Resources['DataManagementServices'].Backup({mode : 'FULL'});


                    Resources['DataManagementServices'].Backup({mode : 'INCREMENTAL'});


                    depending on your backup use case.


                    You should also consider adding logging lines before and after that line so that you can track the backup as it happens and see how long it takes to complete.