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    How to set Property value of isConnected to true.



    When i was trying to set property value of isConnected to "true" iam getting this error.

    Error Setting Property, server response:

    Property in is read only.

    And also have one more doubt, How to Edit the "

    System Objects







      • How to set Property value of isConnected to true.
        paic Collaborator

        This particular property will automatically toggle if that modeled Thing is connected to a Remote Thing through the Edge MicroServer. You will not be able to toggle that value yourself.


        If you needed a property that you can toggle, you would have to create that as a new property either in a ThingShape, ThingTemplate or directly in the Thing.

        System Objects can not be edited in any way, what you can do with most system objects is to either Duplicate them and create your own customized object based off the system object, or if it is a ThingTemplate, you can create a new ThingTemplate that is based on the system Template and 'extend' that template into your new custom ThingTemplate.