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    Displaying Default Stream Fields on a Grid

    I'm trying to fill a Grid with Data from a Stream.  I want one of the columns of the grid to be the "timestamp" field from the stream.  However, when I "Configure Grid Columns" the "timestamp" field is not available as one of the columns to configure.  The only columns that I can see are the ones that belong to the Data Shape that my Stream is based on.  The default fields of a Stream do not seem to be available.  How I can enable them?



      • Displaying Default Stream Fields on a Grid
        paic Collaborator

        Hi Loren, what service are you using to bring in the data? If you are using a standard service, then you should use the query or get streamentrieswithdata service.

        Correction: Else you should wrap that service with your own and make sure you use the same datashape and set it to Stream in the selection under the DataShape field.