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    Best Practise - Modelling in ThingWorx


    I wish to get some advise on the best practise of perform modelling in ThingWorx.

    Here is a scenario:

    1. I have a mobile STATION A to be deployed at certain SITE for certain period. The station belongs to an ORGANIZATION.

    2. After certain period (said for a month), the station might be redeployed to other SITE. (It still belongs to the same ORGANIZATION).

    3. The real application will have multiple STATION to be deployed at same SITE or different SITE which belong to same ORGANIZATION.

    My implementation as shown in the network diagram attached.

    The issue faced is:

    1. I 'local bind' the GBSAR_RS_Profile1 to GBSAR_TestSite1's property's value. It doesn't bind properly and value cannot be shown.

    2. But if I look at GBSAR_TestSite1 property, the value is there. 

    My question is, using ThingShape, ThingTemplate, and Thing concept, what is the best practise recommended (taking this case for example)? So that when the SITE change, I just need to re-assign the Thing: STATION's SITE property by referring it to a new SITE, instead of manually update (dirty way) the site property in the STATION everytime the site property need to be changed.

    Appreciate some advise or some sample modelling for this case as reference. Please let me know if the explanation is confusing...