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    File transfers with custom certificate fails - [Reason: service-unavailable, message: Could not resolve host and path]

    Hi again,

    We're getting an error when we try to transfer files (both from and to a Thing) now we're using our own custom TLS certificate. Normal connectivity works fine now, properties are synchronized between the server and Things, so thanks for that. 

    But file transfers (using the SOCKS protocol) fail. We get the following error in the Application log:

    2014-03-10 13:38:11.3060100 id: e9f65f84-7aac-48e0-8acc-c924971d7711 edge FileTransfer validation failed, retrying retry: 1, delay: 1000 msecs: Error occurred during Freeway request: Transaction sid:freeway:9f17000a18864ff4915857b8ebec3c74, element:req, to:console_channel@thingworx.com, thing:FileTransferEdgeThing, host:, port:-1, path:/Things/FileTransferEdgeThing/Services/ValidateFileTransfer, timeout:120000, Error from Edge [<b>Reason: service-unavailable, message: Could not resolve host and path]</b><br></div><div><hr></div><div><br></div><div>After 10 retries, the File Transfer fails with this error:</div><div><hr></div><div>2014-03-10 13:38:21.4400100  (see error log details) [message: id: e9f65f84-7aac-48e0-8acc-c924971d7711 FileTransfer validation attempts failed retries: 10]

    When I check with Wireshark, I can see that the file (or at least some encrypted data with the same size as the file, 972,245 bytes) is actually sent through the SOCKS protocol, but then these errors show up, and the file transfer directory on the Thing is empty. 

    We're using an internal development server on the same network, so no port forwarding or anything like that occurs.

    I've uploaded the log files to our repository (logs.zip). Do you have an idea about what might cause this problem?