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    File transfer problems

    Hi again,


    I'm having some problems transferring a file from an edge thing to the server. The file is 3998 bytes and is located in the file transfer folder on the edge thing. When I try to transfer the file (with Resources["FileSystemFunctions"].TransferFile), I get no errors in the Application or Script log, but in the repository folder on the server I just get an empty file with the same name but an '.encrypted' extension. I see these Info messages in the Application log: http://i.imgur.com/I736bFv.png


    So the server gets the actual file contents (3998 bytes), renames "file.part" to "file" and completes the file transfer task successfully. But if I check C:\ThingworxStorage\repository, I see that the file is empty and has the "file.encrypted" extension. I use the same file name throughout the whole process (same on the edge thing & the server). Do you know what might be the problem?


    Thanks in advance



      • File transfer problems
        adam Creator

        Hi Stefan,


        A few questions:
        • What type of file are you transferring and where is that file being created (ie. by ThingWorx, by the operating system, etc.)?
        While the screenshot was helpful, the actual log files would be better. If possible, please try the file transfer again with the log level set to TRACE (You can set this from Configuration -> System Properties). Then, upload it to your company File Repository (accessible from the home page on the My Forum tab).
        • What version of ThingWorx are you running and on what version of Windows?


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            stefanbe Explorer

            Hey Adam,

            We're using ThingWorx on Java 1.7.0_45 & Windows 7 SP1. The Edge MicroServer is version, also on Windows 7 SP1. 

            The file was created by an application running on the Thing, and is an XML file of 3998 bytes. I don't know why it doesn't work, some files can be transferred, and others can't, so it's possible the problem lies with us somewhere.

            I uploaded the trace application log to the repository, log.zip contains the entries around the time of the transfer, and everything.zip contains the complete log file.



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            riaanl Explorer



            Would you be available at 2 PM CEST tomorrow (8 AM EST) for a conference call to review the issue?