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    Query an InfoTable based on Button Selection

    I have a service which Queries an InfoTable based on a DataFilter widget and it is working fine.  However, I would like to change my MashUp so that when a user clicks on one button the Query service runs with a certain query input and if they click on a different button it runs with a different query input.  In essence, I want to remove the DataFilter widget and instead use buttons to determine the query input to my query service.  How do I do that?





      • Query an InfoTable based on Button Selection
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        Hi Loren since a Target can only have one source, but a Button can fire multiple services. Usually we'll use either a Mashup or Session Parameter or an Invisible checkbox/numerical/text box widget which is toggled by the Button and then the Value change fires the Query itself. That parameter or widget will then server as an input to the service so it can determine which query to run.