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    Style Formatting based on Service result



    I'm trying to format one of my gauge values inside a mashup based on the result of a service. The service returns either a true or false result and I want the formatting of the style to be based on this result. Does anyone know how to tie this together?

      • Style Formatting based on Service result
        paic Collaborator

        Hi Michael, we do this using State Formatting. If you need an overview on that, you can go to Support/Training and go to the Visualizations video.


        A widget can only be state formatted based on values bound to that Widget. So you could do two things since this is a gauge.
        One create a service that appends that true/false to the value you are displaying in the gauge and use it that way to do the state based formatting.
        The other way is to overlay another widget onto the gauge that is tied to the value of the service and state base format that widget.

        • Style Formatting based on Service result
          michaelfr Creator



          Thank you for the help. Sounds like my best bet would to append the true/false value using a service to the existing service that returns the value for the gauge. Any help you could provide on doing this I would greatly appreciate it.