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    Hi there

    My name is Ryo Suzuki of NSW in Japan.

    I want you to tell us two here.

    1) About PurgeStreamEntries Service

    The PurgeStreamEntries, Is there a limit to the number of processing once?

    If you do specify that contains records of more than 300,000,

    Display of error or output,

      > Service Temporarilu Unavailable

    That it will record the date and time that was deleted is still remaining,

    I was confirmed in such as running a QueryStreamData.

    2) How to recover the free space

    By repeatedly executing the PurgeStreamEntries, 

    I have deleted the record of 2 million from approximately stream.

    However, the file size of the data area of neo4J


     has not been reduced.

    In addition, free space was reduced you do add data to the stream.

    If there is a way to shrink the files in the database, I want you to tell me.

    I will show below background.

    I have created a stream of test.

    And, I went to test the application.

    By the job, approximately 800000 data records, the 200MB was being added to the stream each day.

    After 40 days, the number of records in the stream becomes a thirty million,

    Size of the database directory of Neo4J (/ ThingworxStorage / database / data) reached 35GB.

    Order to restore the free space of the server's hard disk,

    I wanted to remove from the old data stream.

    I've tried a delete operation of stream data,

    Using management screen below (Thingworx/Composer)

      Streams -> (target stream)

       Services → PurgeStreamEntries → "TEST"

        StartDate :2013-10-20 (yyyy-mm-dd)

        EndDate :2013-10-21

        Immediate: Check