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    where you can find detailed instructions and configuration files to connect to the OPC server? (I'm using Matrikon.OPC)

    I have the following configuration:

    1. ThingWorx .NET Edge Thing Configuration Manager is configured:

    1.1. Added Edge Thing with Type "OPC DA" and name 'ElgaOPCChannel'

    1.2. opcServerName is Matrikon.OPC.Simulation.1

    1.3. Added property with name 'Int4' (source Random.Int4)

    2. ThingWorx Edge MicroServer is started with following config:




    3. ThingWorx Server configured:

    3.1. Added channel with name 'ElgaOPCChannel'

    3.2. Technical User of channel with password "opc"

    3.3. ConnectionStatus of channel is CONNECTED

    3.4. Added a Thing with name 'ElgaOPC' and with Thing Template 'Edge' and channel 'ElgaOPCChannel'

    When open 'Manage Property Bindings...' dialog, I see message 'Error browsing properties. Be sure the EMS is connected and the Edge Thing Name (ElgaOPC) exists on the EMS'

    What I must doing for binding a property from OPC server?

    p.s. sorry my English

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        paic Collaborator

        Hello Dmitry,


        There are a few places that have to match up for this to work.

        It looks like perhaps you are not matching up the Edge Thing name "OPC DA" with the Thing based on the "Edge" Template "ElgaOPC". I recommend you try naming your Edge Thing "ElgaOPC" vs. "OPC DA" since spaces are not allowed in ThingWorx.

        If that does not work for you, we may need to get some of the log files and perhaps schedule a call with you.


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            Pai, thanks for the quick response!

            "OPC DA" is Edge Thing Type I choose in ThingWorx .NET Edge Thing Configuration Manager. It's not name of Edge Thing on ThingWorx Composer.

            Do you have the opportunity to connect by Remote Desktop Connection to the server and watch my configuration?


            I will tell you credentials to connect.