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    vishp Explorer

    "Entity not found" error  /  "Where Used" capabilitiy

    The logs shows that the Thingworx runtime is not finding an entity.  This is an entity that I deleted earlier and is no longer in use.   How do I make this message go away ?  I tried to search it using SQUEAL and REST API did not find it.  Will a future Thingworx version provide a "Where Used" capability (references and dependencies) for not just entities but also other elements such as services, properties, styles, states, etc.

      • "Entity not found" error  /  "Where Used" capabilitiy
        paic Collaborator

        Hi Vish, what is the full message in the log and does it show what Mashup or Service/Subscription is trying to use it?


        Most likely a Mashup or Service/Subscription is referring to that Entity which now no longer exists and is causing the error to appear in the log.

        • "Entity not found" error  /  "Where Used" capabilitiy
          tonyc Newbie

          For many of the current entity types there is a "View dependencies" link in the IDE that will show incoming and outgoing dependencies.  If a thing has already been deleted you can't start the search from it but you may have a good idea of other things that may reference it and be able to check these dependencies in reverse. Otherwise maybe you could check them on a local / backup server before that thing was deleted.