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    Charts with dual Y axis

    I want to show a chart with 2 feeds from different data tables, they have a common time based X axis with readings of once every year. The problem is that one of the data sets measures between 0 and 6,000,000 (tonnes extracted) and the other data set measures between 0 and 3,000 (labor force). When viewed on the same chart the second data set appears as a line across the bottom.
    Is there any way I can show these 2 data sets on the same graph so that it looks meaningful?
    Thanks, Kim

      • Charts with dual Y axis
        paic Collaborator

        Hello Kim, we do not have dual scaling as of yet. It has been requested and added to our list of desired enhancements.


        At this point in time the only way to do this, is to use a Service to scale the values of one series to match up better with the other series.