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    Can't get InfoTable to show in Widget

    I have a Thing that has a service that returns an unshaped InfoTable (it's actually the result from the Aggregiate function from my previous post). I am having the service push the results into a property on the Thing called SummaryResults that is also an unshaped InfoTable and the SummaryResults property is the only non-default (default being description, name, tags, and thingTemplate) property on the Thing. I want to put these results in a bar chart.


    If I do GetPropertyValues and pick All Data but just the SummaryResults property, it looks like it breaks the widget. Not only does it not render anything, but then the widget properties never give me the proeprties for the bar chart. Instead it stays stuck on the last thing I clicked. So if I click on the root and then the highlight the pie chart, it still shows the widget properties for the root.


    If I do GetPropertyValues and pick All Data (returning all of the properties), the chart looks likes it's functioning OK (the widget properties still show up just fine), but I can't really pick the fields in the InfoTable (I can only select the entire InfoTable as the label field only) to get data to show up.


    I thought since the chart takes an InfoTable I would just be able to hook it up to my InfoTable property. Is that not the case? Or am I using the wrong data source (e.g. use something other than GetPropertyValues or GetProprieties since it does the same thing when I select the InfoTable with that one as well))? Do I need to create a datashape that fits the results (i.e. is the problem that it's a shapeless InfoTable)?