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    SQL Query results not returning in Mashup

    I have a query that selects 5 columns from a database table. The query works when I select the "Test Query" button in the Service Implementation screen. When I try to invoke the query from the Mashup I get the following error:

    Exception context[ method = POST, action = INVOKE, target = /Thingworx/Things/PredictionplusUATDB/Services/GetPPReportList ], message: Unable to Invoke Service GetPPReportList on PredictionplusUATDB : Could not execute service https://community.thingworx.com/GetPPReportList after making (2) attempts
    I have not put any security limitations on it as far as I know apart from putting the connection username and password in the connection string for the PredictionplusUATDB Thing. The logs indicate that it can't connect to the database.
    Any ideas?