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    Problems sending properties to ThingWorx with C SDK



    I finally got my first ThingWorx C SDK bound to ThingWorx server but am getting problems with updating the properties.

    What I see from the SDK side is that it's sending the struct correctly (booleans, strings, integer) but the properties are not updated to the server.


    On each loop step I got the error to application log as many times as the amount of properties:
    "An Invalid Property Value Was Sent To [MyThingName Property: [null]"


    After these there's an info mention:


    "PUSHED PROPERTIES = <full json object based on the values sent>"


    and on that JSON is all the values are non-null, correct seeming values (for baseType "BOOLEAN" there's true/false, for "STRING" some text between quotation marks and the INTEGER is non-zero).


    Is there some known issues and fixes to this?
    Should I change everything on C side to be pushed as string ("TRUE", "3" etc) ?

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        billrei Creator

        Check for any mis-spelling between your reported properties and the actual properties of the thing are are trying to update on the server. You have reported a property update on a thing that does not have the property you are trying to set. From your specific error message, the property name you tried to update might actually have been null. This error message occurs when the server tries to match your list of updates to a matching thing on the server.