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    A GeoFence question


    The ThingWorx has “createCircuilarGeoFence” snippet. And now I want to do the polygon or arbitrary area.  I find a 3rd JS library which support polygon GeoFence.

    Can I import the 3rd JS library to the ThingWorx? How to do it?


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        adamr Creator

        You would need to create an extension (that creates a resource to use the library), and import that into Thingworx if you want to use this library.  You can also manually create any shape geofence by creating an infotable with a datashape type of GeoFence (this is an infotable that has two fields, one for a name and another infotable that holds all fence location points).  For each region define a name and add location points for the fence to the sub-infotable.