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    ashleyg Apprentice

    Organization Bug

    Hi all


    I have a bug I would like to report.


    When using organizations I notice that if you add Organizational Units and delete Organizational units through services then the Organization entity works fine. However when deleting units on the entity itself (by clicking the red cross in the corner of a node) I have noticed it doesn't completely delete that unit from the organization, even though it seems to visually.


    This creates problems as even though I have deleted the Unit on the Organization entity I can no longer create an Organizational Unit with the same name again even though it is not visible any more; I get an error stating the apparently Organizational Unit already exists.


    There is a workaround - if the Units are deleted through services this does delete the Units entirely however this can be rather long-winded when manipulating a large Organization.


    If you have any further questions regarding this bug please don't hesitate to contact me.


    Many thanks



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        paic Collaborator

        Thanks for that work around, did you set up a recursive script to take care of this?

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            ashleyg Apprentice

            All we did is keep track of the Organizational Units we had created and set up a "RemoveOrganizationalUnits()" service which takes an input of the name of the Unit and deletes it entirely.


            To ensure that a parent of an existing Unit is not deleted without its children we have also set up a script which returns all of the nodes (including the 'phantom' (invisible) Units) and if it does not have a parent then we can use the RemoveOrganizationalUnits service to delete those phantom Units (unless it is the root node which doesn't have a parent).