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    greta.rowe Newbie

    Is http://www.axedaacademy.com still active?

    If yes - how do you get an account and what kind of content does it provide?

    If no - where is the best place to find the latest Axeda 6.8 documentation (Enterprise, Gateway, CAT, etc)?

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        dupatel Communicator

        Hi Greta,


        Yes, axeda academy is alive. You can search all the axeda documentation on salesforce ( Document tab) if you have a salesforce account. Is there something specific that you are looking for or may be I can provide further details.




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            greta.rowe Newbie

            Hi Durgesh,


            I’m not sure if I have access to a salesforce account or not (I have to check with my program manager).  I’m currently working on a project at GE Healthcare were we are using Axeda 6.8 and need to support a Linux ARM device.  I’m a developer trying to access the latest relevant documentation and support information for Axeda 6.8 Enterprise, Gateway, Connector, CAT, Builder, etc.


            With PTC acquiring Axeda I’m not sure where I’m supposed to be looking for online resources and whether I need specific account / login information to access it.




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