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    Regarding Mashup- Dropdown box



    I am doing a project which has 5 things with 5 different properties each. I want to list the five things like drop box and i should be able to select one of those.When i select a thing from the list, it should show me its properties.


    I tried to use dropbox, but things are not getting listed. How should i do that?  and How can i perform click option and display the properties of the selected thing?


    Can anyone help me out in solving this problem ?

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        qn Communicator

        Hi, by "dropbox", do you mean List widget with the view property Dropdown ?


        You can use create a service which returns all of your things. One of these functions would be useful:

        • Sources["SearchFunctions"].SearchThingsByTemplate(params);
        • ThingTemplates["<template_name>"].GetImplementingThings();


        In order to show the things' properties, you can use the Property Display widget or several separate display widgets (LED Display, Label...). In order to perform click option, you can bind the service's Selected Row(s) fields to the display widget.