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    Is it possible to create Message Boxes?

    Hi All


    I have a User Creation form and was wondering if I could create some kind of feedback (for example a message box) that would notify the user that a process has been completed?


    For example:


    When the user clicks on the "Create User" button a message box appears stating "User Created" or something similar?

    So far I have utilised the "Confirm Action" facility when clicking a button but it would be great to have something that pops up to give the user feedback that an action has been completed successfully (or not).


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Many thanks



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        paic Collaborator

        There are several ways to provide feedback.

        1. Each service if you click on the red bar and go into the Configure (click configuration wheel) allows you to set a Success or Failure message for your service.

        2. Status Message Widget

        3. You can use the Navigation widget and a mashup to create a pop-up mashup notification.